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Annual Subscription / Open Ticket

To enjoy the highest level of benefit for the absolute lowest cost, consider working with ABE under its Annual Subscription / Open Ticket plan. For a single flat fee, ABE offers a publisher the opportunity to exhibit in as many promotional events as desired from the ABE schedule during a 12-month period. Most publishers work this plan on a calendar year or fiscal year basis. A single 12-month subscription fee is worked out between the publisher and ABE. This fee allows the publisher to participate with up to the maximum number of agreed upon titles in any scheduled ABE exhibit.

Benefits of an Annual Subscription

  • Dramatic cost reductions on a per title basis.
  • An expanded number of exhibits where more titles can be shown.
  • Budgeting for a full year of ABE services vs. constant dollar decisions.
  • Working with ABE on a partnership basis.

Once the dollar considerations are out of the way, it frees all of us to devote our time to what we're supposed to be doing: effectively marketing professional materials to the largest possible audience of potential customers for the lowest possible cost.

Very few publishers pay "retail" rates for long. Many publishers haved received Annual Subscription proposals and renewal notices already. If you have not and are interested in exploring this low cost, high-potential, innovative approach, call ABE as soon as possible or email us and let's explore this increasingly popular promotional option. It's a proven proposition that over 100 publishers are finding to be one of the most cost-effective, direct marketing options money can buy.

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