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2018 Tentative Exhibit Schedule &
Announcements / Registration Forms

books on exhibit by ABE

You can print out or save our latest announcements to your computer by clicking the underlined exhibits listed below. (These PDFs are not electronically fillable.) Meetings not underlined will officially be added to the final schedule as soon as we have made the necessary arrangements. Announcements are usually available at least 2 to 6 months in advance of a show's opening day. If a meeting that is of interest to you is not now underlined, it probably will be soon. Most ABE meetings have been on our schedule for many years in a row.

Publishers who are interested in a group of exhibits are encouraged to call ABE at 703-619-5030 to discuss a multi-show Package Deal Discount. Please see additional notes below this schedule.

Registration Submission Instructions. Word Registration sample. Excel Registration sample.
FYI: Our announcements give you the conference details including deadlines & our ship to address. We do not need the form returned, but do need a typed registration so you may wish to use one of our samples above.
Sample "Titles on Display" ordering catalog.

Note: * Italicized and asterisked exhibits have been done in the past and are under consideration, but not yet confirmed. Italicized only exhibits we have decided against for 2018. Call if you have an interest. It is ABE's intention to present approximately 30 - 75 exhibits during this calendar year. A number of these exhibits may not appear on ABE's final quarterly schedule. Please assist us in our planning by noting those exhibits that interest you the most. Busy times of the year, unusual logistical challenges or simple lack or interest all can combine to result in an exhibit being dropped from our final schedule. Please let us know about your entire projected participation.

Association of American Law Schools (2019) - A
Southern Political Science Assn (2019) - B
American Historical Association (2019) - A
Winter Conf on Brain Research (2019) - A
Music Library Association (1/31-2/4/18) - B

Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (2/13-17/18) - A
American Psychoanalytic Assn (2/14-18/18) - A
Eastern Sociological Society (2/22-24/18) - B
Black History Month luncheon (2/24/18) - D

Eastern Economic Association (3/1-4/18) - B
Eastern Psychological Association (3/2-3/18) - B
Southeastern Psychological Assn (3/6-9/18) - B

Association for Women in Psychology (3/8-11/18) - B
Psychotherapy Networker Symp East (3/22-24/18) - A ADDED
American Society for Neurochemistry (3/24-28/18) - A
American Society on Aging (3/26-28/18) - A ADDED
Assn for Asian American Studies (3/29-31/18) - A - ADDED

Music Teachers National Association (3/17-21/18) - A

Urban Affairs Association (4/4-7/18) - A
Midwestern Political Science Assn (4/5-7/18) - A
Anxiety & Depression Assn of America (4/5-8/18) - A
Society of Military History (4/6-8/18) - B

Midwestern Psychological Association (4/12-14/18) - B
Organization of American Historians (4/12-14/18) - A
New York State Political Science (4/13-14/18) - D
American Psychological Assn–Div 39 (4/18-22/18) - B
International Studies Association (4/4-7/18)
- A

MD & Delaware Library Associations (5/3-4/18) - D
Association for the Study of Nationalities (5/3-5/18) - B
New Jersey Prevention Network (5/18/18) - D
Massachusetts Library Association (5/21-22/18)) - D
Assn for Psychological Science (5/24-27/18) - A
Assn for Advancement of Baltic Studies (2018) - A
Latin American Studies Assn (5/23-26/18 in Spain) - A

NE Assn of Criminal Justice Sciences (6/6-9/18) - B

Association of Jewish Libraries (6/18-20/18) - B
Society of Historians of American Foreign Relations (6/21-23/18) - B
American Family Therapy Academy (6/21-24/18)
American Psychoanalytic Assn (6/22-24/18) - A
American Society of Mammalogists (2018) - B
Berkshire Conf. of Women Historians (next 2020) - B

Assn on Higher Education And Disability (AHEAD) (7/16-20/18) - C

American Mental Health Counselors Assn (8/1-3/18) - A
American Psychological Association (8./9-11/18) - A
Academy of Management (8/10-14/18) - A
American Sociological Association (8/11-14/18) - A
Nat'l Conf of African American Librarians (2020) - B
American Political Science Assn (8/30-9/2/18) - A

Society of General Physiologists (9/5-9/18) - B
Nat'l Joint Conf of Librarians of Color (9/26-20/2018)

Assn for Study of African American Life & History (10/3-7/18) - B
American Assn for Marriage & Family Therapy (2018) - A
Virginia Library Association (2018) - D
Nat'l Assn of Schools of Public Affairs & Admin (2018) - B
New England Psychological Assn (2018) - C
Amer Psych Assn, Inst on Psychiatric Services (2018) - A
Int'l Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (2018) - D

Assn for Public Policy Analysis & Mgmt (2018) - A
Maryland Psychological Association (2018) - D
Northeastern Political Science Assn (2018) - B
American Studies Association (2018) - A
Assn for Slavic, E. European, & Eurasian Studies (2018) - A
American Society of Criminology (2018) - A
African Studies Association (2018) - A
Nat'l Women's Studies Assn (2018) - B
Southern Economic Association (2018) - B
Middle East Studies Association (2018) - A
American Anthropological Assn (2018) - A
Gerontological Society of America (2018) - A
American Public Health Assn (APHA) (2018) - A

State Department (2018) - C
Association of Jewish Studies (2018) - A

Pricing Explanation:
A Meetings - tend to be major meetings in the profession. Big attendance. Big costs for booth space, furniture, drayage, travel, etc. Held in convention centers and major hotels.

B Meetings - similar to A meetings, but usually somewhat smaller with lower costs/logistical challenges. Usually held in major hotels. Attendees tend to be similar to those of A meetings, but, in most cases, couldn't go.

C Meetings - lower costs. Usually no service providers for expensive furniture, drayage etc. Often held in smaller hotels or colleges. Usually table top format vs. piping/draped exhibit booths found in A or B meetings. C meetings are offered at No Charge to publishers who sign up for Early Bird or Open Ticket plans.

D Meetings - special exhibits offers at No Charge as a bonus for existing customers or as "get acquainted specials" for "new" ABE customers.

A $59-$79 first title, $49-$69 each additionall title, $299 up to 6, $399-$495 up to 12, $495-$595 up to 25
B $39-$49 first title, $35-$45 each additional title, $199 up to 6, $299 up to 12, $399-$595 up to 25
C $29-$39 first title, $25-$35 each additional title, $149 up to 6, $249 up to 12, $299 up to 25
D Bonus Meetings / No Charge are for existing customers. No Charge "get acquainted special meetings" for new ABE customers.

Did we forget anything?

If there are exhibits you would like ABE to consider adding to its final schedule, please let us know. Many of our top exhibits have been scheduled as a result of referrals from the publishers we represent. Meetings taking place in the Washington, DC/Baltimore area are of particular interest to ABE. Please notify us of these “new” exhibit opportunities at least four months in advance.


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